Conference Information

East Central

Dean: Pastor Robert Rasmus
Number of Congregations 12
Baptized Members 3,812
Confirmed Members 3,039
Average Weekend Worship 977



Dean: Pastor James Davis
Number of Congregations 24
Baptized Members 9,602
Confirmed Members 7,459
Average Weekend Worship 2,257



Dean: Pastor John Rothfusz
Number of Congregations 26
Baptized Members 9,039
Confirmed Members 6,964
Average Weekend Worship 2,205


Synod Totals

Number of Congregations 127
Baptized Members 40,260
Confirmed Members 31,290
Average Weekend Worship 10,144


Interim Dean: Pastor Scott Egbers
Number of Congregations 17
Baptized Members 4,180
Confirmed Members 3,199
Average Weekend Worship 1,032



Interim Dean: The Rev. Gary Ryden
Number of Congregations 18
Baptized Members 4,407
Confirmed Members 3,310
Average Weekend Worship 1,094


West Central

Dean: Pastor Glen VanderKloot
Number of Congregations 30
Baptized Members 9,220
Confirmed Members 7,319
Average Weekend Worship 2,579
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